09 / 05 / 2024
We’re beautiful like diamonds in the sky

Accesories and experimental crystallized top by SUMEYYA DONMEZ

Dress by LIVIA BLOM and brochure in the mouth via LALA’S COLLECTABLES

Key beauty products: The glow serum by MANTLE. Eclat extraordinaire by LA FERVANCE. Radiance color corrector by NARS. Lit-up stick nectar light by WESTMAN ATELIER. Pencil – whatever black by MAKE-UP FOR EVER

White and black dress by ZUS REGINA POLAND. Pumps by STEVE MADDEN


3D printed and crystallized accessories by SUMEYYA DONMEZ

For this series, Rosella Fennis was inspired to explore and compare the diversity and similarities between crystals and humans. Rosella and her team have created a series that showcases the usual beauty of humans and specifically one of the many wonderful variations that exist.

Crystal patterns and human diversity both share a beauty that arises from their unique nature and the influences of their environment. Just as crystals embrace their unique characteristics as a result of their growth and history, humanity also reflects its own complexity, shaped by various experiences and developments over time. Each face and life path tells a personal story, shaped by genetics, history, and personal choices.

The crystals invite reflection on the astonishing complexity of human existence and remind us that within this diversity lies a shared connection.

The goal of this editorial is to embrace diversity in the same way we admire the beautiful variations in crystals.

Photography and Retouching by Rosella Fennis @rosellafennis
Styling by Anouk Klijn @anoukklijnstyling
Makeup & Hair by Ilja Guépin @iljaguepin
Assistant: Amber Deprez @amber_deprez
Model: Mo-Yccia @moycciahanley @inbetweenmodels