Matrix and Genre Blending: A conversation with Natalie Red

24 / 06 / 2024
POR Andrei Zozulya-Davidov

In this laid-back chat, we catch up with rising music artist Natalie Red to get the scoop on her latest EP, «Silence Through These Walls.» Natalie shares how sci-fi classics like «The Matrix» and everyday life spark her unique sound. We also dive into her love for mixing hip-hop, rap, and alternative styles, the highs and lows of making music on her own, and her plans for the future. Join us as we explore the creative world of this innovative artist and her musical journey.


Your latest EP “Silence Through These Walls” was inspired by Matrix, what do you like the most about it, and which aspects of the movie you tried to bring into your own art?

I love Sci-Fi movies because I’m really into science and space and all that jazz. I also love movies that make you think and question reality. So, the visualisers for “Official,” “Silence Through These Walls,” and “U Been On My Mind” were all inspired by The Matrix. We specifically tried recreating the scene where Morpheus is explaining what the matrix is to Neo. I wanted to have cool props like a couch, a TV, and an overall dark aesthetic.



Besides cinema where do you usually look for inspiration?

I get inspiration from everyday life and also pull bits from my friends, people I’ve met, and my family. I love writing from another perspective and also making it unclear what the song is really about. Sometimes, I’ll literally just make up a story or a character and write a song haha. Recently, I wrote a song from an imaginary perspective and it was really fun!

Tell me a little bit more about the process of writing this EP, what are your favorite songs on it and perhaps you can tell some of your favorite moments
behind it?

My favorite part of making this EP was definitely making the beats and laying down melodies. Writing the lyrics is fun too but I definitely prefer production. I feel like I convey my feelings and what I want to say through the choice of sounds and my voice overall. From the EP, my favorite songs are “Official” and “Silence Through These Walls” because those sound like the most me and the overall direction I wish to go in with my music.


Your song «Addicted» has resonated with many listeners. Can you tell us the story behind the lyrics and what inspired you to write it?

I wrote that song 2 years ago now and it wasn’t even about my situation or me at all. I wrote it from the perspective of a person who has a crush so big that they don’t know what to do with themselves. However, this situation ended up manifesting into my life after the song was released. Gotta be careful with what I say in my songs haha!



You’ve described your music as blending elements of hip-hop, rap, and alternative styles. How do you approach blending these genres, and what do
you find most challenging about it?

I think I spontaneously and subconsciously just blend genres. I think it’s best not to think too much about it because otherwise you might overdo it. I find that when I try too hard, I make the song sound even worse. The simpler the better. I tend to start with a synth or pad and then think of creative ways to add a percussion that sounds refreshing against those chords and sounds.


You’ve worked independently on much of your music. What has been the most rewarding part of producing your own music, and what have you learned
from the experience?

I really like making music from home and by myself because it allows me to express myself fully and without judgment. I find that I tend to hold back a little when I’m having sessions with other people. I still value collaboration and enjoy the sessions I go to but I definitely feel more at ease when It’s just me, my laptop, and I. Throughout the process, I’ve learned patience and discipline because It’s so easy to do nothing all day when I have a day off. However, I’m in control of my career so I need to make the conscious choice everyday to get up and make music.


Looking ahead, what are your goals for the next year in terms of new music releases and projects?

For this year, I really want to challenge my sound and production skills. I also want to push myself to write deeper and more meaningful lyrics. My sound is constantly changing and evolving and so the next music is going to sound very different. I’ve been really into vocal production recently so expect loads of cool vocal effects, chops, more harmonies, etc!


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